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Print-Limit Pro 11.4

Netop PrintLimit Pro is an award winning print management software
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Netop PrintLimit Pro is an award winning print management software that helps organizations around the world manage and control printing costs. Monitor printing, set print quotas and recover costs with PrintLimit Pro’s powerful but flexible features. PrintLimit Pro integrates with your existing print servers to instantly enable real-time printer monitoring, quota control, activity reports and pay-per-use options.

Intuitive and easy to use, PrintLimit Pro’s web-based interface and scalable cross-platform support make it the preferred solution for controlling printing costs, eliminating waste and promoting responsible resource use at schools, universities, libraries and businesses.

Main features:

-Manage all printers

Supervise network print activity from any browser window. Access dozens of standard pre-built reports covering users, printers and shared accounts. Modify user's account balance and view full transaction history

-Control printer use

Limit charge back or set print quotas on printer activity for any user on the network. Set limitations or restrictions for expensive print jobs or color printers. Automatically deny duplicate print jobs. Supports print-release stations.

-Recover costs

Assign print expenses to individuals, groups or cost centers. Recoup paper and toner costs from departments and end users. Issue fee-based print cards to users to recover the cost of printing. User friendly tools help manage print accounts.

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